Springboard has a division specialising in supporting organisations looking to provide services, or sell products and solutions into the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.


We have a long track record of success in this industry and can use our network of contacts to identify and engage with key decision makers within companies that you would like to do business with. Whether it is a software platform to support clinical trials, medical devices, CRO services, or laboratory services, Springboard has the experience and contacts to introduce you to new organisations. We have successfully carried out assignments across Europe, the Middle East and the United States.


Springboard provide sales and marketing consultancy supported by email and telemarketing campaigns to help their clients win business in new markets. Terms of engagement are flexible and typically start with a three month pilot project. Most projects we have undertaken end up running for long periods due to the results generated.


If you would like to see how Springboard can help your organisation please contact us on +44 (0) 1202 605211.


Laboratory Services for Clinical Trials

Springboard is currently engaged with a German based company providing laboratory services to organisations involved in the Health sector. This project involves targeting companies on behalf of the clinical trials division to promote business for their UK laboratory. The objective is to identify organisations that require expertise beyond their current capability and set up meetings and follow sales process through to conclusion. The project has been renewed on numerous occasions due to successful results being obtained. This project has run for over 4 years.

CRO Services

Springboard is engaged with a German based CRO who provide a range of CRO services, primarily to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Springboard has carried out programmes targeting companies across Europe including the UK and also the US and Israel. The project has recently been renewed and has been running for well over two years.

eDiary solutions

Working for an established provider of eDiary solutions Springboard initially carried out a three month pilot project starting Q4 2007. This project involved calling into EMEA and US Pharma organisations to promote the company’s eDiary solutions and set up face to face and telephone conference call meetings. The success of the initial pilot project resulted in several extensions to the campaign which ran in total for 18 months until the lead generation function was brought back in house.


Medical Devices

Working for a provider of a range of devices and services used to collect patient data and QoL information during clinical trials. Target companies are principally tier 2 and tier 3 Pharma companies in EMEA and the US. An initial three month trial project was extended and the scope increased due to early successes during the pilot.

Clinical Trial Management Software

Springboard have carried out multiple projects for Vendors of Clinical Trial Management Software covering the following areas: EDC, ESR, electronic document management, regulatory solutions, imaging and eSource. Successful campaigns have been carried out across Europe and the USA, all projects being renewed on successful completion of pilot projects.