Here are some examples of the Sales and Marketing work we have done for other companies:

Total Solutions Providers - From Web based Services to Infrastructure Roll Outs

Springboard has undertaken a variety of assignments for total solutions providers. This work has generally involved marketing the entire portfolio of the client company who have engaged us through focusing on a key element of their service offering and value proposition. This enabled Springboard to stimulate interest and engage with prospects. Our involvement has led to a number of high quality appointments having been made from which business ranging in value from single server purchases up to complete office infrastructures valued at thousands of pounds, have been won. Our understanding of the IT sector and our ability to target and qualify prospects properly has ensured success on this client's behalf and they are evaluating other software applications that Springboard will be used to market.

Network Security Applications Provider

Springboard has been involved in new product launches, where innovative technology has been brought to the market for the first time. Our professional call activity has enabled clients to see how the market has responded to their technology, allowing them to respond to feedback and thereby sell more effectively. This activity has led to international business opportunities being developed, where no previous sales success had been encountered. Springboard has picked up referral business from this client.

Facilities Management & Maintenance Management Solutions

Springboard was invited by this established global provider of maintenance management solutions, to identifying new projects for the next 12 months. After spending time with the client carefully understanding the value proposition and the nature of their customer profile, Springboard targeted the prospect list and cleaned initial data sources. Once this phase was complete Springboard was instrumental in identifying leads within public and private sector organisations for high-level business meetings to be established. At this point the leads were handed over to the client at the tendering stage, providing them with an opportunity to win significant sales order values through presentations and product demonstrations. The client has repeatedly renewed their contract with Springboard.

Network Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Springboard has been involved in projects where the average order value has been several hundreds of thousands of pounds. At the other end of the spectrum we have successfully generated leads and provided a significant ROI from our involvement on solutions costing no more than a few hundred pounds. The combination of our quality driven approach and the activity-based calling we undertake on behalf of this client enabled them to promote their network environmental monitoring solutions to end users at a steady and growing rate, providing sales on a volume basis and at a significant profit.

Workflow and Business Process Management Partner Program

Following the launch of their new software suite Springboard were commissioned by a US workflow and BPM software vendor to build a network of enterprise level partners who provide consultancy to both public and private sector clients. The client's solutions have been implemented by the UK and US governments and by private sector companies like Ford and Astra Zeneca. Building relationships with major UK systems integrators is key to the success of the product launch and Springboard has been responsible for establishing relationships with a number of target companies including Capita, Bearing Point (KPMG Inc), Hedra, Atos Origin, Vega, Wipro, Anite, Coda Scisys, and ITNET. Due to success of this ongoing programme Springboard have been engaged on an ongoing basis.

Web Analytics Solution

This client offers a range of data analysis tools including enterprise level web analytic solutions. These tools are used by both private and public sector organisations to monitor and produce in depth understanding of web visitor behaviour and allow business managers access to detailed reports. These reports provide key information to ensure that an organisation's website is both maximising sales opportunities and providing acceptable service levels. Springboard were asked to carry out a campaign targeted at local government to discuss how councils were ensuring that they are meeting targets set out in eGOV initiatives. In the initial stage of four days telemarketing Springboard were able to establish interest and pass leads for seven local authorities. Springboard has subsequently picked up referral business from this client.

Document Management and Workflow Solutions provider

Springboard provided interim sales management and telemarketing services to an established reseller working in the document management and workflow space. Springboard provide strategic consultancy covering all sales, marketing and PR activities including writing press copy, speaking at seminars, writing proposals and meeting prospects face to face to proactively win business. The telemarketing arm has identified suitable market sectors, established required profiles, and generated considerable interest in the company's solutions. Within two months 27 leads were passed through to the client company.

Data Capture and Forms Recognition Software Vendor

Springboard provides lead generation and seminar follow up services on an ongoing basis to a NASDAQ listed software vendor providing data capture and forms recognition solutions. Springboard were tasked to provide detailed information about the way target organisations currently process documentation received by post and email. This typically requires networking within an organisation in order to build a complete audit trail. This then allows problem areas to be identified and solutions to be discussed with decision makers at a line of business level. The client has regarded Springboard as an integral part of the company's UK sales operation and a key player in reaching sales quota.

Mid Market ERP Software Vendor

This company had a significant and very loyal client base, but identified a need to win business with a number of new companies to maintain its growth. Historically they had a good success rate in closing business when meeting face to face with prospects of the right size and profile, but acknowledged that they were unable to get themselves in front of sufficient numbers of potential customers. Springboard identified target markets provided data and carried out two separate lead generation and appointment campaigns, exceeding targets for qualified appointments.

Systems and Asset Management Software Vendor

This client company had developed a new suite of systems and asset management software, which had a number of unique features and benefits. The company's main route to market was to form close relationships with IT service providers and win business through this channel. Springboard were approached to identify the key players in the market and to approach these organisations and build a strong business case for incorporating the suite of software as part of their service offering. Within a few months these partners had provided the company with sufficient confirmed business to exceed their year one target.

Storage Solutions Provider

This client is well established as both an HP and an IBM business partner. The company's main focus was historically sales of new, remarket or refurbished servers and the provision of associated services and consultancy. With the increase in the requirements for data storage across commercial and government organisations the company has identified an opportunity to expand their market by providing total storage solutions covering DAS, NAS and SAN. Having previously carried out a support campaign for them, Springboard was tasked to assist them in identifying storage sales opportunities. Within two months the company won business directly from clients introduced by Springboard.

e-Learning Solutions Provider

Springboard were invited to provide telemarketing and lead generation services for a UK based e-learning software vendor. This campaign ran for over a year and resulted in around 50 highly qualified and productive sales meetings being conducted by the company's sales force. As a result of these meetings the company was able to win business with a number of public and private sector organisations and Springboard was instrumental in helping the company win order values in excess of £100k. In addition to lead generation services Springboard also provided interim sales management and sales consultancy at a strategic level to allow the company to gain momentum and build a credible business model.

CRM Solutions Provider

Springboard were approached by a CRM reseller who had been referred by another client. This company was a start up organisation looking to market a web based CRM solution. Springboard was able to work with the company initially to hone the company's message and value proposition and to identify market opportunities. Once prospect profile had been established Springboard sourced and obtained data for import to CRM database. As a start up company marketing budget is restricted so Springboard calling activity is set at a modest level, however significant sales pipeline has been built and Springboard were re-engaged.

Project based PSA Solutions provider

This client was a start up company set up to bring to provide software solutions to professional services organisations like architects, consultant engineers and management consultants. Springboard have been providing lead generation services for over a year and have been successful in identifying around 30 ongoing prospects. This pipeline has been developed to generate six prospects where live projects have been identified and meetings have been arranged and taken place. As a direct result of Springboard's involvement the company has recently won two separate deals each worth in excess of £150k.

Digital Mailroom Solutions

Springboard were invited to work on a project for a large US based organisation who primarily provide image and capture solutions to banks and other financial institutions. Springboard's brief was to find out how all correspondence is processed across the various diverse parts of the UK banking industry and build a complete picture from post and email being received, how this is in-putted in the banks systems and how it is then archived. Using this information Springboard were able to identify key decision makers and any projects that were live or being planned. The success of this project led to two further projects and a relationship being formed where Springboard is being engaged on an ongoing basis.

Payroll Software Vendor

This company are a relatively small UK software vendor offering specialist taxation processing software solutions to large organisations in both the public and private sector. Initially engaged for a three month period in 2004 Springboard were able to identify 9 strong leads and 114 prospects for the company to follow up. This pipeline was converted into significant business by the company's sales team and was therefore deemed to be a big success. The company has made a decision to stop spending money on advertising and is using the budget to commission Springboard to undertake a much larger project going forward.

Wireless Broadband Solutions provider

This company was recommended to Springboard by another client and was invited to prepare a proposal to make appointment for a wireless broadband hotspot targeted at hotel and coffee Bars in Greater London. This proposal was accepted and Springboard carried out a three-month campaign resulting in numerous meetings and some significant business wins for the company. At the end of this project Springboard were asked to submit a second proposal to undertake a project targeting corporate chains of hotels were the company had very little exposure. The brief was to identify opportunities and book appointments for the company's sales team but also to build up a valuable database of contacts and structure within the target market. This contract has since been renewed.