How to engage with qualified prospects you did not know were interested in your products


Digital marketing has exploded over the last decade, with 93% of B2B purchases starting online, the company website has become the proverbial shop window.


Did you know that only 5% of B2B website visitors go on to enquire?

So for every B2B site visitor who converts there are another 20 prospects who interact with a company website then disappear.

The harsh reality is that 95% of the business visitors we invest thousands in driving to our site through PPC, SEO, online display and offline activity, never identify themselves!


If you could identify those visitors that choose to just have a look around, rather than convert to lead immediately, how would that impact your business?


You may be thinking that this isn’t important because if they really wanted your services they would fill out a contact form, send an email or even pick up the phone. But what if they don’t?  Don’t you want to catch them whilst the information is fresh in their mind? Before one of your competitors do?




What if there was a way to identify what businesses have visited your website?


What if you knew the search term the prospect used to get to the website, which page they landed on and which pages they spent time on?

Then what if an experienced sales professional called the prospect on your behalf and qualified these prospects and arranged meetings for your company to conduct a sales presentation?


Springboard Worldwide, in partnership with Lead Forensics can help you INCREASE your sale whilst reducing the volume of cold calls. The service also helps identify upgrade and cross sell opportunities with existing clients. This is invaluable when monitoring sales pipeline!


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